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Brand Essence
& Philosophy

We exist within a ceaseless circle. Our lives, our bodies have a continual flow of energy that connects every element and requires balance and respect to truly flourish.

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang relates to the balance of all things, that duality forms the whole; opposites in harmony, equal in strength and in a constant state of change; yielding and strengthening in an endless balance of interdependence.  


W=Hb2 embraces this duality with the belief that true beauty is defined by your inner health, peace and spiritual wellbeing.

Wellness = (Health x beauty) Squared = W=Hb2
H = Health – inner body status, the “Yin”. The foundation for beautiful skin.

b = beauty – outer reflection, the “Yang”. The mirror of internal balance.
2 = squared – true wellbeing requires spiritual health and beauty as well as physical.
Positive energy; mind, body, spirit, heart, doubling health and beauty.
= W = Wellness – harmony and balance.

We are committed to the science of wellbeing. Our products are researched, developed and produced in specially selected centres of expertise, with world-renowned experts, employing the latest in scientific and active innovations to ensure high performance, luxurious solutions with visible results, helping to establish balance and harmony and reflect true beauty for all to see.

From nature, from science, from within you. 360° wellness with W=Hb2.