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As a brand, we are dedicated to the highest quality standards. We work in partnership with a panel of experts in sourcing performance actives from around the globe that harnesses the power of nature with the knowledge of science to deliver our promise of rejuvenated skin health and beauty, inside and out.

Our skin is subjected to increasingly harsh challenges from our lifestyle choices, hormone fluctuations and exposure to environmental aggressors.

Our philosophy is to nurture our body’s natural ability to respond effectively through balance so it is critical that our ingredient credentials fit this mission.

We actively avoid commercially negative ingredients that we believe can contribute to imbalance, our products are for everyone, irrespective of skin type, ethnicity or life stage.

The actives selected are scrutinised individually for their benefits but also in synergy when brought together in our exclusive complexes, to respect and achieve the W=Hb2 “la formule secrète”, our 360° wellness solutions.

From nature, from science, from within you. 360° wellness with W=Hb2

  • Biotechnological Tri-Peptide

    A naturally derived active combining three peptides and carbohydrates that originate from stem cell cultivation.

    The structural protein of the plant cell wall is sometimes called plant collagen and is very similar to that of our own, meaning it is able to work synergistically with the skin.

    This skin friendly activity helps strengthen the structure of the cellular matrix and provide protection from environmental aggressors.

    This powerful peptide is renowned to help boost the proliferation of collagen, assist repair and protect from degradation within the skin structure through improved cellular resistance, resulting in a more smooth, refined contour to skin tone.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase I

  • Sodium Hyaluronate

    Hyaluronic Acid is a connective tissue found naturally within the body, it helps form the extra cellular matrix within which vital skin cells sit.The body’s ability to produce this vital substance depletes with age. It acts like a sponge within the skin structure, helping to draw in and reservoir moisture.

    By hydrating the skin, the complexion is smoother, fine lines are diminished; elasticity improved within the skin giving a more plump, youthful appearance.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase I & II

  • Raspberry Stem Cell Technology

    A powerful anti-oxidant stem cell, rich in age resistant Vitamin C and anthocyanins. It helps guard the skin from premature ageing by preserving the cellular vitality within the cellular matrix, while helping to soothe and calm from ageing environmental stress.

    The active is derived from the raspberry leaf, a fruit extremely high in free radical scavenging capacity and rich in nutrients that are essential in feeding the skin and protecting it from lifestyle choices.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase II

  • Niacinamide

    Also known as Vitamin B3, this active helps targets the repair and restoration of skin that has been exposed to ageing environmental factors.

    It plays a vital part in helping to prevent cell energy crisis through stress factors that contribute to inhibiting the repair of cellular degradation. It helps reduce effects of UV and blue light damage by preventing the formation of hyper-pigmentation and discolouration. This well respected, performance ingredient is essential in helping rejuvenate skin radiance and tonicity in prematurely aged skin.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase II

  • PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose Stem Cell

    An innovative Swiss Alpine plant stem cell that helps charge skin stem cells, boost cellular renewal and provide natural protection to skin stress and encourage cellular resistance and repair, ensuring a smoother, more youthful skin tone.

    Cultivated from the Swiss Alpine Rose, a shrub that can survive for more than 100 years in extreme altitudes (2,000m above sea level). The evergreen leaves show particular resistance to high UV radiation and fluctuating climate conditions thanks to a special protection protein called dehydrin. A patented technique enables precious plant stem cells to be harvested without causing impact on the wild, protected state of the source.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase I

  • Probiotic Bacterium

    An active derived from the fermentation process of green olives that helps to balance the negative impact of environmental factors on the skin.

    When skin is stressed, over-stimulated and fluctuating in crisis response, damage can be caused by the disruption of normal cellular activity, repair and rejuvenation. The destructive impact on the supportive skin structure reflects in premature ageing on the skin surface, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Nourishing the skin with probiotics helps strengthen the skin’s acid mantel to help maintain a shield to this onslaught.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase I

  • Moringa Seed Pure Cure Peptide

    A peptide obtained from Moringa seed oil, which helps shield skin from external environmental pollutants, assisting the purification of toxin build up allowing skin to breathe.

    This dual active ingredient helps detoxify the skin of pollutants that contribute to skin congestion, lack of tone and radiance, while also helping protect skin cells from oxidative stress.

    Ingredient of Power Duo Face Serum Phase II