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As a young girl, Yilin was immersed within a family who believed that the essence of wellbeing was rooted in a balance of lifestyle, nutrition and spiritual health. As a young adult, Yilin made the journey to continue her studies in England. Thrust into Western culture, she was startled by the disconnect in understanding of how a greater sense of wellbeing would deliver the ultimate goal of physical beauty. She went on to study in London’s Imperial College in the field of Biochemistry and achieved a remarkable 2 degrees in this field with a further third, masters degree in management.

As a post-graduate, with a foothold in both the spiritual philosophies of the East and the more contemporary science of the West, her research led her to discover that even in the booming health and beauty market, very few were truly exploring what she calls the “eco system” that exists between body, mind and the energy connection to world around us (Yin and Yang), how our bodies reflect to the world how we are inside, a physical manifestation of health and radiance.


With insight and learning into the application of scientific innovation, a deep understanding of how the body functions teamed with her innate sense of the connection with this ancient philosophy and its relevance in the pressured world of today, Yilin devised a formula that when translated into the world of health and beauty, she believes can help unlock wellness.

Wellness = (Health x beauty) squared = W=Hb2

“La formule secrète”

Her vision is to build a luxury, performance brand that meets the needs of the body to remain healthy, nourishing physically, spiritually and topically, to help provide the optimum foundation on which beauty can flourish. This passion underpins the brand philosophy and product development, a 360° mentality to wellness that considers the social and physical “eco-system”, how we exist in the energy of the world that surrounds us and the impact on our ultimate wellbeing.

“From nature, from science, from within you.”